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Helps you and your loved ones manage funeral-related expenses.

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Why Sanlam Funeral Cover?

Tripple accident cover
No waiting period
Savings benefit
Immediate cover

Premium holidays and support

Cashback - or Wealth Bonus when you buy online


Get a quick quote for cover up to R50 000

With Sanlam Indie, you can get up to R50 000 funeral cover online that doubles after three years at no extra cost. Even better, every Sanlam Indie policy comes with a built-in Wealth Bonus that creates wealth for your future.

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Special Features

Personalise your cover with an adviser

These features are available exclusively through a Sanlam adviser. *T's and C's apply.

Triple accident coverReceive a triple payout* if you or your loved ones pass away in an accident.
Cash BackGet a cash-back payment on your active policy every three years*.
No waiting periodGet cover without a waiting period* if you previously had a funeral plan.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about these special features as well as funeral plan options to meet your needs, speak to a Sanlam adviser today.

Choosing funeral cover

Cover amount
Funeral cover is designed to ensure that your family members will not have to struggle at a difficult time. Your first step is to decide how much cover you need, taking all funeral-related expenses into account. A financial adviser can help you determine the right amount.
Compare the features offered by each plan, so you can choose one that best suits your family’s needs. It’s also a good idea to find out how many family members you can add to your policy and how quickly claims are usually paid.
Terms and conditions
Go through the policy wording carefully so that you understand the terms and conditions. Do you know exactly what’s covered – and what’s not? Is there a qualifying period? Are there any exclusions? Make sure all your questions are answered before you buy the plan.

Speak to an expert

If you need help deciding what your next steps should be, speak to a Sanlam adviser who can help you make the best choices for you and your loved ones.

Product Information

Take a closer look at our cover

Funeral cover explained
Funeral cover is designed to pay for funeral costs and other once-off final expenses, so that your family members do not have to struggle financially at an already difficult time. You can decide how much funeral cover you need and who you’d like to include in your policy, and you’ll then pay a monthly premium. You can buy cover online with Sanlam Indie or speak to a Sanlam adviser about personalised funeral cover options.
Funeral cover online with Sanlam Indie
With Sanlam Indie, you can make sure that you and up to 20 family members have everything you need for a dignified funeral. You and your family members can be covered for up to a maximum of R50 000 each and Sanlam Indie will automatically double everyone’s cover after three years at no extra cost (assuming the cover is still active). Premiums start from R100 pm.
Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus
When you buy cover online with Sanlam Indie, we match up to 100% of your monthly premium and invest it for you in a Wealth Bonus at no extra cost. Your Wealth Bonus grows with your premiums and with the market. You can access 10% of your Wealth Bonus (plus growth) every five years, and your full Wealth Bonus (plus growth) unlocks when you turn 70. If you die before 70 or cancel your policy, you’ll lose the portion of the investment that has not yet been unlocked.
Funeral cover through a Sanlam adviser
With the advice and guidance of a Sanlam adviser, you can buy personalised funeral cover for yourself and over 20 family members. You and your spouse can be covered for up to a maximum of R100 000 each. Buying funeral cover through an adviser gives you the flexibility to choose a plan with the benefits that best meet your family’s needs. Premiums start from R58 pm.
Claims process
Because we understand that claims are submitted under very difficult and distressing circumstances, we’ve kept the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We pay most funeral claims within four hours, after we’ve received and verified your documents (such as the fully completed claim form and death certificate). Claims are paid to you – or if you’ve passed away, they will be paid to your beneficiaries or to your estate if you haven’t specified a beneficiary. All claims can be submitted online in a few easy steps, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.
Your cover can be adjusted every year for inflation
Your cover can be automatically adjusted every year for inflation. Doing so makes sure that should you need to submit a claim against your policy in the future, the cover will still carry the same value as it does the day you took it out.
Skipped premiums and premium holidays
We understand that life can throw you curveballs from time to time, which is why we have several options in place to help you maintain your cover while you get things back on track. Please speak to your adviser on more information on the available options (Ts and Cs apply):
  • If you pass away, your family will remain covered* without paying premiums
  • If you suffer a permanent disability, you’ll remain covered for a specified period without paying premiums Pause your policy for up to 12 months without paying premiums if you become pregnant or unemployed
  • Ensure that your family remains covered for up to six months* if you pass away before age 65
If you’re a Sanlam Indie client, you can skip a premium at any time. However, if you do skip a premium, we’ll reduce your cover temporarily according to how many premium payments you’ve made in the last six months. There are limits on the number of times you can skip premium payments.

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We are here to assist with any financial advice, claims or policy related queries or concerns.

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