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Financial advice

When is financial advice a good idea?

Financial advice helps you to:

Understand your current financial situation
Determine your financial goals
Consider your whole financial situation
Navigate more complex financial situations
Make informed decisions
Ensure you have the appropriate products

The different types of financial planners

Sanlam advisers

Sometimes called planners, these financial advisers are full-time representatives of Sanlam that have gone through a rigorous certification process. Because they are “tied”, they can offer you Sanlam products only. Sanlam stands in for the advice provided by all Sanlam advisers.

Sanlam advisers in BlueStar businesses

Since 2007, Sanlam has been empowering its tied financial advisers to build their own financial services businesses, while still operating under the Sanlam licence. These businesses comprise of several financial advisers with different areas of specialised knowledge. Therefore, you can rely on a team of people, rather than one person. This also ensures the continuity and longevity of your relationship. You can get advice for all your financial needs in one location, indefinitely. Because these advisers are tied intermediaries, Sanlam stands in for the advice they provide.


Brokers can advise on products and services from a variety of financial services product providers. Brokers can therefore sell you Sanlam products, as well as products from other financial services companies.

Do you already have a financial adviser?

If you have one or more Sanlam products, you may already have a financial adviser. We can help to put you in contact with your adviser or we can help you find a new adviser if you need one.

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